The Knight Time Adventure continues…. Public Libraries Censorship!

Happy New Year fellow bloggers and hello! I do hope and pray that the year is a great one for all of us.. OK now for the reason as to the title of this blog.. Public Library Censorship!!?? When i first presented my book to the Red Bank Public Library, I was informed by the head librarian that my book was an ok read and had several mistakes (I know they are there, buy a copy and find them yourself!). Her point was my book was unprofessional and the main clientele would not be interested because of their religious beliefs.. Most of the town is Jewish and because the king kneels and prays to an alter adorned by a Catholic crucifix, there would be issues with allowing their children to be influenced religiously by my adventure story book. I asked if they had a Bible, they did but it is a reference and for all ages, not just aimed at children. I thanked her for the eye opening commentary and went on my merry way. That was 5 years ago, and I did not think about it again until recently. During the holiday vacation between Christmas and New Years, I visited another library nearby. I was informed by the library staff that it would have to be approved by the head librarian and she would get back to me. She did telly me she had issues with parents in regards to art/crafts projects in the library. There was a written complaint that because the library and a Christian and Jewish coloring contest (one had a bear with a Santa hat, the other had a bear holding a menorah), that the parent was offended that her religion was not represented. It was for this lone incident she had to be careful about the kids books and the religious content they offer. I thanked her for the commentary and told her I looked forward to hearing from her soon. As I was walking out, I noticed a bible songs cd, a book about Santa, and a book about the nativity. Please take a stand a take a look at my book, you can view pages at, on Kindle, or buy a copy through my website or from Amazon. This is in no way a sales pitch but… I do ¬†donate 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital and I am currently on the lookout for an agent. More to come…



Further Knight time Adventures.. blog continues.. 11.8.15

Good Evening fellow bloggers; Another story from the past adventures include my son at summer camp.. his first starring role in the story and my first official public appearance. I was volunteering for his summer camp and the theme for the year was medieval times so I naturally volunteered my story to be our dens skit for the end of the week. We practiced at free time and the staff as well as the kids seem to like the story and performing it. So the night of the performance came and my son did the first part and thus began the tale, The others acted their parts and the audience loved it, gave us a 5 minute clap and commended us on an original tale/skit. We had pictures taken and I will treasure that moment forever and gave a copy to the director of the camp as a way of thanking him for allowing us to perform it. If you want to see a solo performance, check out my website at and click the link. The book is at amazon,, kindle, and B& and I donate 15% of asales to the children’s specialized hospital of NJ to their recreation department. If you want a personalized copy, some free gifts and a discounted price, email me at subject: sir good knight book.. 15% still goes to the kids, heck I’ll even throw in free shipping (book rate)! I also do parties, libraries, and schools in NJ. More to come! Good Knight All!

Knight time adventures.. continuing adventures of Sir Good Knight.. the blog goes on….

Hello fellow readers of blogs and bloggers! Thank you in advance in reading these stories and checking out my website of If you would like a copy of The Adventure of Sir Good Knight, go to the website order my email subject line Sir Good Knight and I’ll throw in 3 free gifts and of course donate 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ as well as give you the lowest price of 15.00 (including shipping!)You can also get it through Amazon, Kindle and B& My first reading was a complete disaster in my book.. but it did have its highlights! I set up a reading in my town of Keansburg NJ and told our friends, posted fliers around town, and waited, and waited, and waited. I took the advice of a friend and brought cookies and drinks for the kids and an arts and crafts project of a sword. Boy were they the biggest mistakes to make. I set up the snacks, and waited.. my friends at the time showed with their 3 kids, they were the rowdiest bunch of kids I knew, but at least they were there.. I waited a few minutes more and they wanted the snacks so I gave them out.. another mistake! By this time the kids were all running around jumping and the sugar just made it worse. The librarian came upstairs and yelled at me me to lower the volume or leave. So there was quiet and I started to read. At this time a lady showed up (without children) and knocked on the door. I invited her in and ¬†she said she could not stay…I should have paused and talked with her but my ego was going to read this story and I said well, please wait til after the read and then we could talk. She came in and I began, I read for 2 minutes when she had to go.. she left without a word.. big mistake.She motioned me by the door and I put up my finger to say 1 minute and she was gone. I read the book to my friends, they ate the cookies and stopped running around enough for the librarian to tell me to leave immediately. As I was leaving the person at the desk asked if I saw her aunt and I said I saw someone and she left, she just shook her head and said well, I guess she doesn’t want you at her school !!??My jaw dropped, turns out the librarian set it up so her aunt would meet me and invite me to an after school program and buy some books for the kids.I decided then and there if someone wants to talk, let them talk.. take a card and smile saying thank you! More library talk next time! GOOD KNIGHT for now!

Knight-time adventures…the blog is spreading!Adventure continues!

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers of blogs; Tonight’s adventure is all about selling you (or actually mine) in public libraries with other authors.. I have done this a few times and have yet to have a sale! I have done so with a shared table and not (prefer a solo table) and have encountered many pitches. One sales pitch had an author bring their pet dog in the library (no it was not a seeing eye dog) but one of those pocket pooches who also is a therapy dog. It was a lure to get the kiddies to their table to buy what else???? A story about their dog! The lady next to me was also selling a book about her dog, she also was selling pictures, statues, bookmarks, letter openers, scarves, oh yes and 2 different books about her dog that has since passed. I honestly don’t know what she was trying to sell her books or her stuff (perhaps both). The lady with the dog had sixteen books about dogs at her table and I paled in comparison to her mammoth display. The only thing worthwhile about the day was the library provided snacks. I had to get mine before the pooch attacked the table.. I met many different authors there, perhaps some connections and great stories and a possible invite to read in the future (don’t call us, we’ll call you.. still waiting, been a year)Before I keep babbling on please visit my website and contact me direct for a great deal on my book The Adventure of Sir Good Knight”. You get three free gifts, save 25% off the cover price and personalized.. an added bonus I will give 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ. Or if you like buy it from amazon, or B& or on kindle.. no free gifts there but I will still donate 10% of what I make to the kids recreation department so they can have fun..Now for some more babble.. I have and probably will visit more libraries but as a story teller and teacher, not as part of a group hawking my book to people who have no money or interest in buying when they can borrow for free! I gave out some swords and cards, was cramped with the lady and her 2 guest supporters, and we kept trying to out do the other is selling our stuff. I would much rather entertain the kids, so i left my table and walked around wearing my knight costume giving out candy swords.4 hour trip and a nice Saturday wasted indoors.. oh well, next time the location needs to be closer to home. Good Knight everyone!!!!

Knight time adventures; the son of blog….

Hello fellow bloggers.. and now for your reading pleasure another tale (or is it tail) of the continuing adventures of selling The adventure of Sir Good Knight” by Tom Geden amazon and B&, kindle.. but you already knew that and I have asked to help the kids out to get some fun stuff at children’s specialized hospital NJ for I will give 10% of sales.. also you get free stuff when you buy direct from me using my email (put sir good knight in the subject please!). OK enough with the run on sentences and plugging the book.. on with the story. A BIZARRE story. Actually a story of me selling my book at the church /school bizarre last year.. I was offered a table in the kid section of the sale and, thinking kids would be there.. gladly signed up. What it turned out to be is 2 desks front end to front end in a cramped hallway with kids selling their used toys, cookies, baked goods, and playing games made by kids.I had just enough room for my display and could barely fit my overweight self into the seat. I felt like John Belushi in the Blues Brothers Movie! I could not get out once I was in so I was stuck , literally there all day. People did come down the hall and I pitched my book in costume but people walked on by most of the day buying baked goods and playing the games.I gave out my twizzler swords and got a a little interest. I did manage to sell one book (YEH) and Thanked God after I sold it. The person next to me was asking me why I was so happy.. I answered.. I sold A BOOK!!!!! She loved to burst my balloon and responded typically ONLY ONE????? I an leaving for I am sold out of my stuff.. best of luck and gave me a sorrowful smile and smirk. I stayed til the end happy with my one sale, my family came and visited for a minute and left and by the end of the day I though it was successful for a wonderful child bought my book! His dad actually bought it but the child asked him to buy it for him. TTFN and Good Knight to all or actually good day to all… God Bless!