Knight Time adventure.. The adventure continues: Sir Good Knight

Hello Bloggers; First and foremost a shout out to Heather Butts African American Medicine in Washington, D.C. by Heather Butts Check out her book, buy it if you see it, a great piece of work…Now the continuing saga of The Adventure of Sir Good Knight.By Tom Geden. As you know by now the book is available at (with freebies) at amazon,B& and kindle and every purchase I give 10% of my money to Children’s Specialized Hospital of Nj. I also do performances for birthdays, libraries, schools and have the kids compose their own book (check the website for details) now for the back story of the video on you tube. I decided to perform my book at a coffee shop in Keyport known as Espresso Joes which has an open mike Wednesdays. I got up my courage, brought my wife and son and asked my wife to record the show (a 5 minute performance). Before hand I asked the manager if I could perform with costumes.. he replied “You aren’t going to strip down naked, are you? We had a guy do that once and called the police” I assured him I did not and he put me on the list.. I did my performance not knowing it was the 5th year anniversary special and a friend in the audience was recording the show as well. Good thing, my wife never filmed it! I did the performance to the audience and it was well received. It was the first (and i think) only time a children’s book was performed. Since it was getting late and my son was restless we left as soon as the performance was done. I handed out my card and the friend told me to look for the posting and there it is now for all to see.A link is on the website. I will blog more later.. Good Knight and God Bless!

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