Knight time adventures; the son of blog….

Hello fellow bloggers.. and now for your reading pleasure another tale (or is it tail) of the continuing adventures of selling The adventure of Sir Good Knight” by Tom Geden amazon and B&, kindle.. but you already knew that and I have asked to help the kids out to get some fun stuff at children’s specialized hospital NJ for I will give 10% of sales.. also you get free stuff when you buy direct from me using my email (put sir good knight in the subject please!). OK enough with the run on sentences and plugging the book.. on with the story. A BIZARRE story. Actually a story of me selling my book at the church /school bizarre last year.. I was offered a table in the kid section of the sale and, thinking kids would be there.. gladly signed up. What it turned out to be is 2 desks front end to front end in a cramped hallway with kids selling their used toys, cookies, baked goods, and playing games made by kids.I had just enough room for my display and could barely fit my overweight self into the seat. I felt like John Belushi in the Blues Brothers Movie! I could not get out once I was in so I was stuck , literally there all day. People did come down the hall and I pitched my book in costume but people walked on by most of the day buying baked goods and playing the games.I gave out my twizzler swords and got a a little interest. I did manage to sell one book (YEH) and Thanked God after I sold it. The person next to me was asking me why I was so happy.. I answered.. I sold A BOOK!!!!! She loved to burst my balloon and responded typically ONLY ONE????? I an leaving for I am sold out of my stuff.. best of luck and gave me a sorrowful smile and smirk. I stayed til the end happy with my one sale, my family came and visited for a minute and left and by the end of the day I though it was successful for a wonderful child bought my book! His dad actually bought it but the child asked him to buy it for him. TTFN and Good Knight to all or actually good day to all… God Bless!

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