Knight-time adventures…the blog is spreading!Adventure continues!

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers of blogs; Tonight’s adventure is all about selling you (or actually mine) in public libraries with other authors.. I have done this a few times and have yet to have a sale! I have done so with a shared table and not (prefer a solo table) and have encountered many pitches. One sales pitch had an author bring their pet dog in the library (no it was not a seeing eye dog) but one of those pocket pooches who also is a therapy dog. It was a lure to get the kiddies to their table to buy what else???? A story about their dog! The lady next to me was also selling a book about her dog, she also was selling pictures, statues, bookmarks, letter openers, scarves, oh yes and 2 different books about her dog that has since passed. I honestly don’t know what she was trying to sell her books or her stuff (perhaps both). The lady with the dog had sixteen books about dogs at her table and I paled in comparison to her mammoth display. The only thing worthwhile about the day was the library provided snacks. I had to get mine before the pooch attacked the table.. I met many different authors there, perhaps some connections and great stories and a possible invite to read in the future (don’t call us, we’ll call you.. still waiting, been a year)Before I keep babbling on please visit my website and contact me direct for a great deal on my book The Adventure of Sir Good Knight”. You get three free gifts, save 25% off the cover price and personalized.. an added bonus I will give 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ. Or if you like buy it from amazon, or B& or on kindle.. no free gifts there but I will still donate 10% of what I make to the kids recreation department so they can have fun..Now for some more babble.. I have and probably will visit more libraries but as a story teller and teacher, not as part of a group hawking my book to people who have no money or interest in buying when they can borrow for free! I gave out some swords and cards, was cramped with the lady and her 2 guest supporters, and we kept trying to out do the other is selling our stuff. I would much rather entertain the kids, so i left my table and walked around wearing my knight costume giving out candy swords.4 hour trip and a nice Saturday wasted indoors.. oh well, next time the location needs to be closer to home. Good Knight everyone!!!!

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