Knight time adventures.. continuing adventures of Sir Good Knight.. the blog goes on….

Hello fellow readers of blogs and bloggers! Thank you in advance in reading these stories and checking out my website of If you would like a copy of The Adventure of Sir Good Knight, go to the website order my email subject line Sir Good Knight and I’ll throw in 3 free gifts and of course donate 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ as well as give you the lowest price of 15.00 (including shipping!)You can also get it through Amazon, Kindle and B& My first reading was a complete disaster in my book.. but it did have its highlights! I set up a reading in my town of Keansburg NJ and told our friends, posted fliers around town, and waited, and waited, and waited. I took the advice of a friend and brought cookies and drinks for the kids and an arts and crafts project of a sword. Boy were they the biggest mistakes to make. I set up the snacks, and waited.. my friends at the time showed with their 3 kids, they were the rowdiest bunch of kids I knew, but at least they were there.. I waited a few minutes more and they wanted the snacks so I gave them out.. another mistake! By this time the kids were all running around jumping and the sugar just made it worse. The librarian came upstairs and yelled at me me to lower the volume or leave. So there was quiet and I started to read. At this time a lady showed up (without children) and knocked on the door. I invited her in and  she said she could not stay…I should have paused and talked with her but my ego was going to read this story and I said well, please wait til after the read and then we could talk. She came in and I began, I read for 2 minutes when she had to go.. she left without a word.. big mistake.She motioned me by the door and I put up my finger to say 1 minute and she was gone. I read the book to my friends, they ate the cookies and stopped running around enough for the librarian to tell me to leave immediately. As I was leaving the person at the desk asked if I saw her aunt and I said I saw someone and she left, she just shook her head and said well, I guess she doesn’t want you at her school !!??My jaw dropped, turns out the librarian set it up so her aunt would meet me and invite me to an after school program and buy some books for the kids.I decided then and there if someone wants to talk, let them talk.. take a card and smile saying thank you! More library talk next time! GOOD KNIGHT for now!

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