The Knight Time Adventure continues…. Public Libraries Censorship!

Happy New Year fellow bloggers and hello! I do hope and pray that the year is a great one for all of us.. OK now for the reason as to the title of this blog.. Public Library Censorship!!?? When i first presented my book to the Red Bank Public Library, I was informed by the head librarian that my book was an ok read and had several mistakes (I know they are there, buy a copy and find them yourself!). Her point was my book was unprofessional and the main clientele would not be interested because of their religious beliefs.. Most of the town is Jewish and because the king kneels and prays to an alter adorned by a Catholic crucifix, there would be issues with allowing their children to be influenced religiously by my adventure story book. I asked if they had a Bible, they did but it is a reference and for all ages, not just aimed at children. I thanked her for the eye opening commentary and went on my merry way. That was 5 years ago, and I did not think about it again until recently. During the holiday vacation between Christmas and New Years, I visited another library nearby. I was informed by the library staff that it would have to be approved by the head librarian and she would get back to me. She did telly me she had issues with parents in regards to art/crafts projects in the library. There was a written complaint that because the library and a Christian and Jewish coloring contest (one had a bear with a Santa hat, the other had a bear holding a menorah), that the parent was offended that her religion was not represented. It was for this lone incident she had to be careful about the kids books and the religious content they offer. I thanked her for the commentary and told her I looked forward to hearing from her soon. As I was walking out, I noticed a bible songs cd, a book about Santa, and a book about the nativity. Please take a stand a take a look at my book, you can view pages at, on Kindle, or buy a copy through my website or from Amazon. This is in no way a sales pitch but… I do  donate 10% to Children’s Specialized Hospital and I am currently on the lookout for an agent. More to come…


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