Knight time adventures; the son of blog….

Hello fellow bloggers.. and now for your reading pleasure another tale (or is it tail) of the continuing adventures of selling The adventure of Sir Good Knight” by Tom Geden amazon and B&, kindle.. but you already knew that and I have asked to help the kids out to get some fun stuff at children’s specialized hospital NJ for I will give 10% of sales.. also you get free stuff when you buy direct from me using my email (put sir good knight in the subject please!). OK enough with the run on sentences and plugging the book.. on with the story. A BIZARRE story. Actually a story of me selling my book at the church /school bizarre last year.. I was offered a table in the kid section of the sale and, thinking kids would be there.. gladly signed up. What it turned out to be is 2 desks front end to front end in a cramped hallway with kids selling their used toys, cookies, baked goods, and playing games made by kids.I had just enough room for my display and could barely fit my overweight self into the seat. I felt like John Belushi in the Blues Brothers Movie! I could not get out once I was in so I was stuck , literally there all day. People did come down the hall and I pitched my book in costume but people walked on by most of the day buying baked goods and playing the games.I gave out my twizzler swords and got a a little interest. I did manage to sell one book (YEH) and Thanked God after I sold it. The person next to me was asking me why I was so happy.. I answered.. I sold A BOOK!!!!! She loved to burst my balloon and responded typically ONLY ONE????? I an leaving for I am sold out of my stuff.. best of luck and gave me a sorrowful smile and smirk. I stayed til the end happy with my one sale, my family came and visited for a minute and left and by the end of the day I though it was successful for a wonderful child bought my book! His dad actually bought it but the child asked him to buy it for him. TTFN and Good Knight to all or actually good day to all… God Bless!

Knight Time adventure.. The adventure continues: Sir Good Knight

Hello Bloggers; First and foremost a shout out to Heather Butts African American Medicine in Washington, D.C. by Heather Butts Check out her book, buy it if you see it, a great piece of work…Now the continuing saga of The Adventure of Sir Good Knight.By Tom Geden. As you know by now the book is available at (with freebies) at amazon,B& and kindle and every purchase I give 10% of my money to Children’s Specialized Hospital of Nj. I also do performances for birthdays, libraries, schools and have the kids compose their own book (check the website for details) now for the back story of the video on you tube. I decided to perform my book at a coffee shop in Keyport known as Espresso Joes which has an open mike Wednesdays. I got up my courage, brought my wife and son and asked my wife to record the show (a 5 minute performance). Before hand I asked the manager if I could perform with costumes.. he replied “You aren’t going to strip down naked, are you? We had a guy do that once and called the police” I assured him I did not and he put me on the list.. I did my performance not knowing it was the 5th year anniversary special and a friend in the audience was recording the show as well. Good thing, my wife never filmed it! I did the performance to the audience and it was well received. It was the first (and i think) only time a children’s book was performed. Since it was getting late and my son was restless we left as soon as the performance was done. I handed out my card and the friend told me to look for the posting and there it is now for all to see.A link is on the website. I will blog more later.. Good Knight and God Bless!

Knight time adventures: The Adventure continues a little back story

Hello fellow bloggers; I am sure you are wondering why I chose Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ for my 10% donation of sales of “The Adventure of Sir good Knight” by Tom Geden. When my wife and I were dating (we have been together for 30+ years) she was working for Children’s Specialized in Mountainside NJ. She was a pediatric nurse and loved kids.. when I would pick her up I got to say hello and see her work. The work there is a miracle in itself she got kids to laugh and giggle who were very sick and born with physical and emotional issues. I said to her that one day when my book is finished I would help these kids somehow. She only worked there a short while due to her own issues but I still wanted to do something. When I finally had enough money to hire an illustrator and self publish the book, I promised her I would raise money for those kids. So when i got up enough courage to ask the facility if they would be interested, they told me I was the first author to put that in writing. Now I ask everyone that I know, all facebook,all twitterers, and all that will hear to help me out. Go to and check out my website, see the performance with the link, buy the book from me, amazon, Barnes & or kindle and I will donate 10% to the kids.. I will perform for schools, libraries, birthdays, travelling at least an hour from my home to yours as long as we can give the Recreation Department at Children’s Specialized some money to let the kids have fun! Have a great day and God bless all..

knight time adventure.. continuing.. some back stories

My first book fair was outside, all day, and my family lived close by so they came for a visit.. I shared a table with 2 other authors and we were under a tent. The main author also sold horns she crafted at home. Since it was close to Halloween, the horns sold more than her books, speaking of books she had 3 doz displayed and she could not push one. The other author had one book and gave away coloring pages ans people checked us out.. My son was bored, my wife was too and together we were grateful that my brother, his wife, and their son and his family came by.. unfortunately it was more like a family visit tnah a book selling.. they were all about talking to me and I had to wait til they checked out the fair before I could sell a book.. I did sell one and celebrated by using the money I made to buy pizza for dinner.. The author I sat with left her chair behind and called me to see if I had it.. I did not I thought it was the lady with the horns.. She sold a copy of her book eat your vegetables! (which kids want reminders.. it was for the parents) Mine sold to a kid who was interested in the book because I made up the best catchphrase ..”Sir Good Knight, a medieval super-hero!” I was happy I sold one copy.. It took 2 hours to get there and an hour and a half to get home.. Next time, I told myself.. I will perform.. I just did not want to in front of my family.. I met many contacts, got great feedback, and though I found a new friend to sell my book with.. more next time..on that subject! GOOD KNIGHT to all! Remember my book is available at  Amazon, and B&, and kindle.. e mail me for the best deal using sir good knight in the subject..   I am also available for parties, schools, libraries.. and teach kids k-3 to write a book!